User Manager Tasks

  • Check to see that schools have the correct list of employees.
  • Check to see that schools have the correct teachers.
  • Send schools the New User Template at the beginning of the year for new IDs to be added - as well as notification of who's roles to end.
  • Manage the roles of your schools employees.
  • Click on the CSV button to access a report listing your schools’ information.
  • Click on the eCertification button to access the teachers’ certification report.
  • Encourage users to keep their profile accounts current.
  • This includes name and email address changes.
  • Individual accounts can be accessed and edited by the user by clicking on the name in the top right corner of the screen AFTER logging in.


Transferring Teachers IN to Your Conference

1. Type educator’s full name in the global search field.

2. Locate the name in the list of People.

3. Double-Click on the name to open the record.




4. Click on New Role. (Refer to role options on p. 7)


5. Choose the Role first. Then the Organization. Use the date picker to add the Start date

6. Click on Create Role when done.



7. When you click on Create Role, a system generated email is sent to the educator. Click OK to agree.

8. The message also tells you there is a three-day “oops” button. The role can be deleted by you during the next three days. After that, please contact Martha Ban to delete a mistaken role.


If you are unable to locate the teacher

If the teacher is NOT in the list, scroll down to the bottom of the page (past the organizations) and click on Add New Member.

The more complete information you give, the less likely a duplicate ID number will be created.

Adding a new member

  1. Complete the form beginning with the Full legal name field FIRST. Enter the first, middle, and last name in this field. Press TAB to auto fill the next three fields.
  2. Enter as much of the teacher’s name as possible. The more information, the less likely for duplicate ID numbers.
  3. Enter teacher’s maiden name or other previous names in the Previous Name field, if applicable. Remember, including a maiden name or previous name may help avoid creating a duplicate ID for an educator.
  4. Birth date and email address are required for creating an account.
  5. Leave the default setting of “Send email invitation” UNLESS you choose to set the password for the account. If you choose to do that, you must notify the teacher of both the email address entered and the password you set. It is preferred that you have the teachers set their own password.
  6. Add the role information. (Refer to role options on p. 7)
  7. Check the OLD Database to see if the teacher has a previous ID. This is specifically if the teacher has been out of our system for a few years and is coming back. As certification is tied to ID numbers—this is an important step!
    • If you find a previous ID for your teacher, create a NEW ID for the individual. Email Martha Ban giving the information for the teacher and BOTH ID numbers. Martha will merge the two ID numbers leaving the previous ID as the primary ID.

Click on the “Edit Pencil” to END the role.

Ending a teacher role

  1. When an educator leaves your conference, you are the one to end their role. Educators have access to school information until that role is ended. This is VERY important. Roles can only be ended by the conference the educator is assigned to.
  2. You can only end roles of educators within your own jurisdiction.
  3. Search for the educator and click to open their record.
  4. Hover the mouse over the dash in the End column.
  5. An edit pencil will appear.
  6. Click on the pencil to enter the date the role ended.
  7. You have a three-day “oops” window where you can change that ending date. After the three days, you will need to contact Martha Ban ( to make the correction.

Conference User Guide

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