FTE Instructions

This information is edited in the “User Defined” area of the “Staff” screen.

  • Enter the FTE number (full time staff equals 1, part time staff equals 2, etc.) for each staff member in the “NAD” list.
  • Part time staff is a decimal value less than 1.0.
  • FTE can not be more than 1.0 for any one person.

For example, if the principal of an elementary school is also a teacher and his time is split 50/50 to each area, there would be a 0.5 in the K–8 staff area and a 0.5 in the Administrative staff area.



It's important to know whether a particular staff member is counted as Administrators / Teachers or Classified Personnel. Be sure ALL of your employees are listed in this section in the correct category. All employees must have an NAD ID number and a role in your school in the Dashboard.

CLICK HERE for a current list of positions and their classifications.



The different types of staff displayed on the NAD list:

Staff FTE PK: enter FTE for pre-K staff

Staff FTE K–8: enter FTE for K–8 staff

Staff FTE 9–12: enter FTE for 9–12 staff

Staff FTE Admin: enter FTE for Administrative staff



  1. Calculate academy part time by dividing periods teaching/working by number of periods considered full time. Calculate elementary part time by dividing number of hours a week teaching/working by 38.
  2. Staff Titles: NADE has a defined list of staff titles. Please consult the staff title list when adding the title to your employees.
  3. Head Teacher: A head teacher is counted as 1.0 teacher FTE. IF there is a support staff who supervises students during regularly scheduled "administrative" time, the head teacher can be counted under admin FTE for that amount of time. Example: if the head teacher has scheduled 4 hours a week for administrative duties and there is a support staff to cover the classroom, the teacher may report 0.1 admin and 0.9 teacher.


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